• Dear Noela, Thank you so much for your time and support during what has been the most challenging time in my life.  Your empathic, knowledgeable and professional approach was just what I required, you really put my mind at ease knowing I had options to choose from.  Your empathic approach, coupled with an excellent knowledge in your field, makes you someone I would highly recommend to other clients. I am very grateful to have met you.  B.

  • I would like to thank Noela for her professionalism, compassion and patience and for quickly resolving an issue I had been struggling with for months.  I went through six months of distress and frustration before Noela managed to smoothly resolve the issue.  She helped alleviate any concerns I had and offered a few possible solutions to the issue.  I highly recommend Noela to any prospective clients, especially domestic violence victims.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with.  K.

  • Noela was very, very knowledgeable, thorough and so professional.  Investigated everything regarding the case.  Willing to go the extra mile.  I didn't know such care and kindness was available in the legal world.  T.

  • Noela is knowledgeable, genuinely caring and professional. Her advice was not only amazing but prompt as well. Noela went above and beyond to help us. Highly recommend her.  B.

61 Carrington Street
Adelaide SA 5000

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